Northern Nevada Business Explains Common Pitfalls of DIY Cabinet Painting

When the cold months roll in, many homeowners retreat inside to escape biting winds and slippery snow. This increased time indoors can lead people to consider undertaking a DIY project, such as painting cabinets. However, cabinet painting is not as straightforward as it may appear on Pinterest. If people knew how messy and time-consuming that painting project would be, they might consider calling in a professional interior painter to revitalize their cabinets.

Those who do not realize all that is involved with cabinet painting can easily make mistakes. Battle Born Painting, a leading painting company in Northern Nevada, is highlighting 8 pitfalls that people make when attempting DIY cabinet painting.

1. Not allowing enough time for the project

While homeowners may believe they can finish painting cabinets in a weekend, the project could realistically take seven days. Home Advisor notes that it could take three to five days to paint kitchen cabinets, depending on the size of the job.

2. Not cleaning the cabinet before painting

All greases should be removed before paint is applied. Water-based paint will not stick to an oil-covered surface. Any dust or debris can ruin a paint job, giving the cabinets a gritty, sandy look.

3. Not removing doors and drawers from the cabinets

A vital and frequently overlooked first step is to remove all doors and drawers from the cabinets and take off knobs and hinges. If the homeowner paints cabinets as one piece, the handles and hinges will begin to chip paint. After the paint first cracks, it will eventually strip off the entire cabinet.

5. Skipping the sanding process

Even cabinets in pristine condition need to be sanded so that the paint will adhere. The sandpaper used should be in the middle of the spectrum in terms of grit. Cabinets should not be sanded down to the bare wood; rather, the goal is to buff the surface and make it more matte than glossy.

6. Not using primer

Without a coat of primer, cabinets can have blotches or spots where knots in the wood have bled through the paint.

7. Picking the wrong color

Homeowners may not recognize how valuable a professional painter is in helping with color selection. However, the experts understand foundational color theory, current trends, and how different colors create different moods. Without input from a professional, homeowners could choose a color that they end up disliking or that does not fit with the aesthetic they were trying to achieve.

8. Selecting the wrong paint

Different paint types and finishes have different applications. Can the homeowner distinguish between water-based paint and oil-based paint? Does the homeowner know whether matte, satin, or gloss finish is the best fit for the project?

To see the best results, homeowners should hire a professional painter to tackle cabinet painting. An expert knows how to properly prepare and paint a surface to achieve the client’s vision for the job. Winter is an excellent time to have cabinets painted, and a seasoned painting company like Battle Born Painting can remove all the stress a DIY product would generate. Battle Born Painting produces attractive, reliable painting work that lasts for years to come.

Battle Born Painting is Northern Nevada’s premier painting choice for residential and commercial painting projects. Services include interior and exterior painting, cabinet painting and refinishing, bathroom and kitchen resurfacing, fence and deck staining, stucco painting, fascia painting, floor resurfacing, office painting, wood staining, epoxy floor installation, and concrete floor repair.


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