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In the northern Nevada area, stucco is a very popular material for homes. While it is usually applied to the exterior of a building, it can also be used on interior walls.

What Is Stucco?

​Stucco is made from cement or limestone blended with sand and water until it reaches a mortar-like consistency. It can come in different textures to provide a seamless finish on a wall. It is applied by hand over metal wire or lath. Stucco cures to a hard and durable masonry surface, which can last for years. 

4 Advantages of Stucco in Nevada

Stucco does not perform well in areas with high precipitation and moisture, which is why it’s very common in dry hot climates. Stucco is widely used in Nevada and other areas. It has several advantages over other materials:

  1. Less expensive and readily available. Stucco’s components (lime, concrete, sand) are abundant in these areas, so it’s less expensive to make.
  2. Fire-resistant. Buildings made of stucco are safer because the material is fire-resistant. That’s especially important in dry areas that are more prone to fires. 
  3. Energy-efficient. Stucco provides excellent insulation, so the building will remain cooler in the excessive heat, and utility bills will be lower. Nights in Nevada can get quite chilly during certain periods, so it helps the home stay warm too.
  4. Aesthetically appealing. The look of stucco is very appealing in the Nevada area. It presents a uniform look in the neighborhood, making it more attractive.

Can Stucco Be Painted?

The answer is Yes! Stucco can be painted virtually any color as other types of finishes. However, it needs special treatment to get the best results. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional painter like Battle Born Painting. They are experts in the stucco painting process.

In order to get the best results on a stucco painting project, the following steps are necessary:

  • Clean it. It’s important to have a clean surface to begin with. Power washing will remove built-up dirt, grime, and even algae and mold. Care must be taken to make sure the water pressure isn’t too strong or it will damage the stucco.
  • Inspect and Repair.  The stucco must be closely inspected for any damage or cracks. It’s important to fill in cracks with a waterproof compound or replace any large damaged sections.
  • Prime. Applying a coat of primer is necessary to ensure the paint goes on smoothly and adheres properly.
  • Paint. Once these steps are complete, waterproof paint is applied.

About Battle Born Painting

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Battle Born Painting is a local painting contractor serving northern Nevada. Located in Reno, they also provide services to customers in Carson City, Sparks, Sun Valley, and surrounding cities and towns. They specialize in stucco painting, but also offer:

  • Residential and commercial interior and exterior painting (all types of surfaces)
  • Cabinet painting
  • Fence and deck staining
  • Fascia painting
  • Floor resurfacing
  • Epoxy flooring

Battle Born Painting believes in providing the highest quality results and exemplary customer service. As one satisfied customer stated,

“I like to submit a review a year or so after because you notice things that you might not right away. Over a year and still so pleased with the work these guys did! I always recommend Battle Born Painting over other businesses because they did such a great job, were on time, professional, and ensured we had the best product for our home. Thank you!” ~Sarar Graves